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What makes us different?

Trust &
Financial Freedom.


Five Star
Wealth Manager

We are honored to have been named a 2023 Five Star Wealth Manager by Texas Monthly, with mentions in the Wall Street Journal and the US World News and Report.

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Close Relationships.
Open Dialogue. 
Customized Services.

Most of our clients are busy individuals - they know they should have a better handle on their finances but can never seem to find the time. Sound familiar?


This is where we come in. We can help you get organized and implement your plan in a timely manner. We handle a wide range of clients from small business owners to doctors with hectic practices. We also work with widows and divorcees who might be starting to manage their own finances for the first time and feel overwhelmed. There are not many situations that are new to us - we have helped families and individuals navigate through the ups and downs that life brings and we look forward to working with you on your specific financial goals.


Also, because of our unique location we maintain a subspecialty with individuals and families who are in the oil and gas business. The oil and gas business can be one of the best and most profitable businesses in the world – offering incredible returns. Clearly, what comes with that is risk. We will help you diversify away some of that risk to optimize and protect what you have.

Our Mission

How We Help

Beyond the numbers and beyond the finance, the choice of whom you pick to help manage your investments is still and has always been about being comfortable with the person you are working with.

How We Help


You must enjoy who you partner with. Whether it is with us or someone else, the client / advisor relationship must be one where honest conversations can take place.  Everything is built on the foundation of these relationships.


We all need help sometimes organizing our financial lives!  Our job is to break this down for you and provide a well-structured plan to keep your financial life in order and moving in the right direction. 


Plans are great, and we all need them. However, if you don’t execute the plan, they aren't any good. Having a team that helps you execute the plan makes all difference. 

About Us

Rydar Equities, Inc. does not hold your investments rather we use some of the most trusted custodians in the business. They will provide you with monthly reports so that you will know what you hold and what the value is. You can also access your accounts from their sites at anytime day or night. This is not only cost effective but also adds a layer of checks and balances that make us all feel more comfortable.

About Us

Dr. Ryan Peckham

Dr. Ryan Peckham is a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) with over 15 years of financial services experience. He established Rydar Equities, Inc. in 2009 with the primary goal of helping families and business owners achieve their financial goals through improved investing strategies. Dr. Peckham established an RIA because it allows for a closer one-on-one fiduciary relationship, and in most cases, is a fiscally better choice for clients.

Dr. Peckham finished his Doctorate in Business Administration from the University of Liverpool, England in 2018 where he concentrated on Behavioral Finance. Behavioral Finance is the study of how psychology can impact the behavior of investors. Specifically, Dr. Peckham researched how critical incidents in investors past continue to impact their investment decision making. These skills allow him to not only act as a trusted advisor to investors but also as a guide through the emotional ups and downs of investing.

Dr. Peckham is also a Professor of Finance at Texas Christian University (TCU) and has taught courses at The University of Texas - Permian Basin and Syracuse University. 

In addition, he holds a MBA from the University of Texas at Dallas with concentrations in finance and management and a Bachelors of Engineering from Texas A&M University. He resides in Midland, Texas with his wife, Cheryl and their two daughters, Hannah and Zoe. In his free time he likes to exercise, travel, and spend time with his girls.

Cameron Rompal

Cameron Rompal has an unapologetic passion for finance that started early in his teens! Going back to 1st grade, he presented his interests in Warren Buffet to his young classmates for "career day."  He regards himself as having been fortunate to find his passion for the financial markets at such a young age, and this has influenced his path to where he is now. He is originally from Southern California and joined Rydar Equities in 2022 to share this passion with others.  It is one thing to have a passion for finance and quite another to be dedicated to helping others achieve their financial goals and live a life free of financial stress.  


Cameron is excited to help families plan for their future across generations.  This includes short-term needs and long-term goals.  He is well-organized and can keep multiple priorities in mind while communicating with clients in a clear and easy-to-understand manner.  


As fate would have it, Cameron met Dr. Peckham while attending his course at TCU and the two remained in touch.  Cameron earned his bachelor's degree in finance from Texas Christian University (TCU) in 2020.  


Our Locations

24 Smith Road, Suite 302
Midland, TX 79705

134 Saint Andrews Lane

Aledo, TX 76008

Our Number

(TEL) 432.634.8673
(FAX) 214.481.1727


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